Cicada 3301 - Team


Thomas Schoenberger

Founder and Senior Partner.
Michael A. Levine

Founder and Senior Partner.
Composer, Producer.


Ana Couper

Cicada 3301 Senior Partner.
Artist, Researcher, Analyst.
BA. PgDip. MA International
Security and Human Rights.
Brett Leonard

Director of Documentaries
and ARG Development.
23 film credits.
James A. Larson

Director of Author's Guild.
Screenwriter, NatSec Journalist.
University of Chicago, BA Philosophy.
MIT, Cybersecurity.
Mike Tankel

Head of Marketing.
25+ years delivering amplification,
emotional messaging, strategic thinking
and creative solutions, disrupting leading
brands and entertainment franchises.
Warren Zide

Producer, Filmmaker.
38 film credits.
Roger R. Richards

Filmmaker, Poet, Artist, Activist.
Works explore counterculture,
abstract and archetypal poetry,
and occult, psychedelia and
multidimensional consciousness.
Matthew Chapman

OG Cicada 3301 Solver.
Director of Project Management.
Security and back-end
Chris McGimpsey-Jones

Director of Cicada 3301 AU.
Head of Investigative Research.
Co-founder of Freedom Publishers Union.
Marcia L. Stockton

Composer, Arranger and Artist.
Master inventor 61 patents,
IBM software architecture.
BA Music (1975).
Szabo J. Gergely

Senior Team Leader.
Lifelong passion for puzzles,
history, art and music.

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